# How did it start?

Founded July 2000
By Julian Priest and James Stevens
Built web site
Initial meetings
Mailing List
1000+ list members
200+ planned or operational nodes
Media Interest
Government consultation

# Early ideas, Wireless in Clink Street

# The Clink street Community

Early 90ís onwards
Artists Photographers Filmakers
Musicians [Ninja Tune, Cold Cut etc.]
Public Access art space [ ]
Digital Artists [
i/o/d audiorom etc.]
Emerging Internet Businesses

# A Network Connection

1995/96 Internet
Elsewhere mostly dialup or ISDN
Obsolete bought leased line
512Kbps permanently open internet connections
$60,000 per year [£40,000]
Wired up the building so that it became a shared resource / cost
New wired businesses and arts flourished

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